Saturday, November 19, 2011


Wow! I was looking back at this and a lot has changed since my last post back in August 2009.

I moved from New Zealand to Australia. Went to Portugal for a conference where I presented my paper on Steganography (more on this in later posts).

Published a book on Steganography (

Meanwhile, started work as an Applications developer here in Townsville, Queensland.

On a personal front, I now have a beautiful baby girl, Seher.

So while it has been busy.. there was still something that was keeping me from posting. You know how it is.. an obstacle that keeps you from doing something.. and while you intend to remove it and the obstacle itself is very small, it takes a while to finally come around and address it.

In my case, the obstacle was formatting of code (C#, VB.NET, SQL). I found it quite hard on these posts, and was just short of writing CSS files to prettify it. But just today, I stumbled upon which is a great tool to convert source code and display pretty HTML.

So with that obstacle out of the way.. I want to make a pledge - to post here at least once in a month.


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